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By Alana Dakos

Книга по вязанию спицами женской одежды. Вслед за темой первого тома этой серии, модели в этой книге отмечают красоту мира природы в цвете и в дизайне. Каждый проект вызывает мотив листьев, веток, лозы, или цветов, в то время как разнообразие фактур и узоров будет радовать ка начинающих, так опытных вязальщиц.

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It is like the Long-Tail Cast On (page 25) in construction; the difference is in the second stitch of each cast-on pair, where the yarn wraps in the reverse direction around the thumb. Nancy Bush suggests adding an extra strand or two of yarn on the thumb side to make a more pronounced and decorative edge. Front Back Stockinette Stockinette CHARACTERISTICS • Stretchy edge • Decorative edge GOOD FOR Ribbed • Tops of socks • Cuffs that call for a slightly more pronounced edge Ribbed 52 Double Start Cast On Working the Cast On 1 Make a slip knot, leaving a long tail (page 13), and place it on the needle.

Hold yarn in the slingshot position. For a Knit Stitch 2 Reach the needle under and into the loop on the left thumb. 3 Go over the yarn on your left forefinger and bring that yarn through the thumb loop. ) the loop on the needle. Alternating Long-Tail Cast On 47 For a Purl Stitch 5 Reach the needle to the outside of the index finger and insert it from underneath up into the finger loop. 6 Reach the needle under the yarn coming from the needle to your thumb and pull that yarn back through the finger loop.

Hold this needle in your left hand and an empty needle in your right hand. 2 Insert the tip of the righthand needle into the slip knot as if to knit, wrap the yarn around and pull through a new stitch. You probably need to hold both needles with your left hand as you wrap the yarn with your right hand. Place this stitch on your lefthand needle. The stitch can be transferred in either of the two following ways: Pass the stitch directly from the right tip to the left tip; the yarn going to the ball will be coming from the left leg of the new stitch.

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