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By Steven E. Schend

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Khelben Arunsun, selected of Mystra, Archmage of Waterdeep, is as on the subject of a demigod as you're more likely to meet at the streets of Faerûn's mightiest urban. but if the skies rain lightning and a long-forgotten urban arises from the earth, he can look like simply one other wizard.

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Strange andjierce animais. mighty primitive gods. and a magic that was part andfabric ofthat distant land. -Elaine Cunningham. Daughterofthe Drow In the reckonings of most worlds. humans are the youngest of the common races. late to arrive on the world scene and short-lived in comparison to dwarves. elves. and dragons. Perhaps it is because of their shorter lives that they strive to achieve as much as they can in the years they are given. Or maybe they feel they have something to prove to the elder races.

Mishann, NaJa, Perra, Raiann. Sora. Surina. Thava, Uadjit 33 Childhood Names: Climber. Earbender. Leaper. Pious. Shieldbiter. Zealous Clan Names: Clethtinthiallor. Daardendrian. Delmirev. Drachedandion. Fenkenkabradon. Kepeshkmolik. Kerrhylon. Kimbatuul. Linxakasendalor. Myastan. Nemmonis. Norixius. Ophinshtalajiir. Prexijandilin. Shestendeliath. Turnuroth. Verthisathurgiesh. Yarjerit DRAGONBORN TRAITS ANCESTRY Dragon Damage Type Brealh Weapon Black Blue Acid Lightning Brass Fire Lightning 5 by 30 fI.

Ali the dwarf could see of the man'sface beneath a green hood was tan skin and a brownish-red beard. A longbow was slung ouer one shoulder and a sword hung at his left side. He was dressed in soft leather, careful/y tooled in the intricate designs the elues loued. But no elfin the world of Krynn could grow a beard ... no elf, but ... PA RT 1 I RACES OF Two WORLDS To humans, half-elves look Iike elves, and to elves, they look humano In height, they're on par with both parents, though they're neither as slender as elves nor as broad as humans.

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