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By William Warren

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William Warren’s Bangkok is a casual portrait of this such a lot bright and puzzling of contemporary towns. Divided into elements, the 1st is a selective historical past, exhibiting how Bangkok has constructed during the last two hundred years, whereas the second one explores the modern face of the town via a sequence of private impressions.The writer explains how the charms of Bangkok and its humans outweigh the negative aspects of toxins, site visitors and stifling warmth. He additionally introduces celebrities, comparable to the early kings of Thailand’s current dynasty and Anna Leonowens, heroine of The King and that i, in addition to Jim Thompson, the US-born silk entrepreneur and paintings collector who mysteriously vanished within the jungles of Malaysia.Bangkok offers a miles wanted historical past of town, yet is additionally imbued with the heat of Warren’s love affair with its frenetic lifestyle.

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There was not even the slightest hill to be seen in any direction . . There were some trees about the place, where thousands of crows came to 31 roost at night. The kakawa, kakawa jargon they made in jabbering together in the early evening and morning was such that I had never dreamed of. This noise alone I could have borne without the thought of a murmur, but when united with the incessant jumbling of crickets, toads, and frogs, the barking and howling of dogs, and the snarling of cats, I confess that my missionary home seemed, for a little time, too horrible to endure.

Noting the state of most of the city’s waterways, for instance, he issued a proclamation advising that under no circumstances whatsoever should any person allow himself to throw a dead dog, a dead cat, or the carcass of any other species of animal into any river or canal, whether big or small . . By the exercise of a little thoughtfulness it should not be too difficult to perceive that other people using the water along the waterway do object to such exhibitions. Were provincial priests from the Lao country and other northern districts or other country gentry to pay a visit to the Divine City and find the said objectionable custom still in practice, they would undoubtedly carry away 49 the impression that conditions inside the City are not as healthy as outside it, the water supply in the City being so unclean as to breed in the dwellers thereof a number of unhappy ailments.

He also met foreign residents of Bangkok, people like Bishop Pallegoix, Dr Bradley and other missionaries, from whom he learned Latin, French and English, becoming the first royal Thai to speak these languages with any fluency. ’) In addition, he developed a lifelong passion for Western science and technology and a determination to bring these new ideas to his country. Through such exposure, Mongkut was well aware of events outside Siam and of the fact that foreign powers were becoming increasingly interested in the kingdom.

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