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By Mimi Gladstein, John Meadowcroft, Mimi Reisel Gladstein

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The result, ironically, is that those who tried to live up to the “morality” of the system they had accepted found themselves punished for it. “Your honesty was like a tool left at the mercy of the next man’s dishonesty. The honest ones paid, the dishonest collected” (128). Consequently, although the group began as hard working and able, the cream of the country’s laborers, working under this system that punished productivity, eventually turned them into chiselers, trying to outsmart the system.

The appropriate means is human reason. To accept the axiom that existence exists is also to assume a conscious subject to perceive that something exists. That conscious being must identify the something that exists, and reason is the tool for doing so. Human beings must use reason to determine what exists. They must know what is true, or right, to survive. Reason operates according to a rule, the law of identity. It is the law of identity, “A is A,” that allows human beings to identify the facts of reality in a noncontradictory fashion.

Nathaniel Branden’s recollections of his intimate relationship with Rand followed in Judgment Day, published in 1989, and again in a revised version of that same memoir, My Years with Ayn Rand, which came out a decade later in 1999. 11 In Michael Paxton’s companion book to his Academy Award-winning documentary on the life of Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff acknowledges the affair, stating: “This she did, of course, with the knowledge and the consent of her husband” (1998, 142). After the rupture, Leonard Peikoff became an intellectual mainstay for Rand and her literary executor and heir.

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Ayn Rand by Mimi Gladstein, John Meadowcroft, Mimi Reisel Gladstein

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