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By Erica Stevens

ISBN-10: 1477616675

ISBN-13: 9781477616673

For the previous 4 years Cassie has in simple terms recognized vampires as her enemy. With the revelation of Devon’s actual nature she needs to come to phrases with the truth that no longer every little thing she is familiar with is true, specially whilst the resource of her Hunter powers is published. Slowly, Cassie starts off to resolve the secret that enshrouds Devon because the bond among them grows and intensifies. It’s no longer till a girl from his prior walks into their current, that Cassie realizes there are way more layers to Devon than she ever discovered. Layers which could rather well smash her, and everybody that she loves. Thrown off by way of the recent arrival of their city, and suffering to outlive, Cassie isn't really ready for the devastating blow that leaves the realm she understands not anything yet a pile of rubble and ashes. Ashes which can rather well supply upward push to whatever else within her, anything that’s now not totally human.

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