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Let Z be a normal subgroup of G contained in B. Let B' and N' be the canonical images of B and N in G' = G /Z. Show that the canonical map from N to N' defines an isomorphism from W to W' = N' /(B' n N'). Let S' be the image of S under this isomorphism. Show that (G', B', N', S') is a Tits system if and only if (G, B, N, S) is one. 3) Let G be a group, Ba subgroup of G and (C(w))wEW the family of double cosets of G with respect to B. C(w) c C(w) U C(w'). From now on we assume that B is a Tits subgroup of G and that we are given a subset S of W satisfying conditions (1), (2) and (3).

Let X be a subset of S and N' a subgroup of N whose image in Wis equal to Wx. Then, (Gx,B,N',X) is a Tits system . We have Gx = BWxB = I3N'B, which shows that Gx is generated by The verification of the axioms (Tl) to (T4) is now immediate. J":3UN'. R'ROPOSITJON 2. Let X, Y c S and w E W. We have GxwGv = BWxwWvB. 22 Ch. IV COXETER GROUPS AND TITS SYSTEMS Let s 1 , ... • tq E Y. Lemma 1 shows that and hence that GxwGv c BWxwWvB. The opposite inclusion is obvious. Remark. 2) Denote by Gx \ G /Gv the set of subsets of G of-the form GxgGy, g E G; and define Wx\ W /Wv analogously.

Deduce from Lemma 1 of no. 4 that the number (-1 )n(I',t) depends only on C' and C" and not on I': we denote it by q(C', C", t). Show that the relation 'f/(C', C", t) = 1 is an equivalence relation between C' and C" that has two equivalence classes that are permuted by t. :-(t) the other. Show that, for w E W and s E S, the chamber w(C) belongs to l(w). g) Let A+ ( t) (resp. + ( t) (resp. ([-(t)) (fort ET). Show that A+(t) n A-(t) =Lt. (To show that A +(t) n A-(t) c L1i reduce to the case t E S.

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