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In Fig. fl-7 is shown a simplified diagram of the many processes that take place in the solution. All of the photons that are emitted from the solution are from the first excited singlet state of the solute. The number of photons per event is proportional to the number of excited molecules initially produced. st SOLUTE (Xl SOLVENT -i--- Primo, Prinøry EsCil3tion S5 Eectofton (negligible) I I S (5) (I) k 5, 2nd SOLUTE ly) (2) k, (61 S, 112) I k,. [Yj 143) S 3 k,(l-o) (4) Ok, 0 (4 o -, k,, (17) Solute Emission Processes of energy transfer in three-component liquid scintillator solution.

D. L. Horrocks, J. Chem. Phys. 52, 1566(1970). Ii. J. B. Birks, C. L. Braga, and M. D. Lumb, Brit. J. Appi. Phys. 15, 399(1964). D. L. Horrocks, Photochem. and Photobiol. 15, 239 (1972). E. Langenscheidt. Nuel. Jnstrum. ). G. T. Reynolds, Nut/conies 10(7), 46 (1952). IS. M. Furst and H. Kailman. Phv,c. Rev, 85, 816 (1952). F. N. Hayes, B. S. Rogers, P. Sanders. R. L. Sehuch, and D. L. Williams, Rep. LA-1639, Los Alamos Sci. , Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1953. J. B. Birks, J. C. Conte. and G. Walker, IEEE Trans.

B. Birks, Trans. Faraday Soc. 62, 1830 (1966). 'R. Voltz, T. Klein. C. Tanielian, H. Lumi, F. Heisel, G. Laustriat. and A. Cache, Coil. mt. Elect. Paris (31), p. 71 (1963). S. G. Cohen and A. Weinreb, Proc. Phys. Soc. (London) 169, 593 (1956). Energy Transfrr in Liquid Scintillation Solutions 23 Of course the Förster radius R0 of a solute will vary with the solvent molecule. Table 11-4 lists some values of R0 for PPO and p-terphenyl in different aromatic solvents. In several recent studies it has been demonstrated that under special conditions it is possible to have the upper excited singlet states of the solvent molecules, S2, S3,.

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