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Anny blatt undying Classics КНИГИ ; ДОМ и СЕМЬЯ Страниц: 150Размер: 28мбФормат: djvuЯзык:английский .com eighty five

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Pick up one stitch per column of stitches. Th st th in ne th on Ke th ne ne *D fro th st th Picking up stitches across columns Picking up stitches along a chain selvedge In a garter selvedge, you have one knot per two rows of knitting. To maintain the three-tofour ratio, pick up one stitch between knots, one stitch at a knot, another stitch between knots, and then skip the next knot. The spaces between the knots, as well as the knots themselves, are pretty tight, so as long as you pick up three stitches per four rows of knitting, the junction between your selvedge and your new stitches should be relatively hole-free.

Continue in this manner across the edge (or middle) of your work until you’ve picked up the required number of stitches. The way you pick up stitches also varies slightly depending on where you are picking up your stitches: from a cast-on or bound-off edge, from a selvedge, or from the middle of your fabric. From a Cast-On Edge To pick up stitches from a cast-on edge, pick up one stitch per column of stitches. There are two ways to pick up stitches from a cast-on edge. You can pick up stitches invisibly from a cast-on edge by poking your needle between each column directly underneath the yarn strands of the cast-on edge itself.

Pick up stitches invisibly from your edge, or pick them up in such a way that you create a clear demarcating line where you’ve picked up stitches. (continued) techniques. indd 29 (Text) 3/23/15 5:40 PM 3/23/15 5:28 PM Job:03-61060 Title:CLS-Knitted Amigurumi Edibles #175 Dtp:LY Page:29 K Cu (4 th ea ha st Garter selvedge Picking up stitches from a bound-off edge From a Selvedge When knitting in stockinette, the stitches are wider than they are tall. So, picking up stitches along a selvedge requires that you pick up approximately three stitches for every four rows along the edge.

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