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2) (cf. 2). 2 In both examples zero of "f is close to f" means that the values of points near f and f and of their derivatives (up to some order) are close. We can define more generally: A differentiable mapping f: JRn + JRm is stable if for any differenf: JRn +JRm sufficiently close to f there are diffeomor- tiable mapping phisms h: JRn + JRm, k: JRm + JRm close to the identity such that the fol- lowing diagram commutes: "Close"is meant with respect to a suitable topology on a space of differentiable mappings.

A one-dimensional differentiable submanifold of P. 5) whenever the full rank assumption is not already fulfilled for gl~. In such a case we have K~(X) = O. But there can be only one direction in I~(X) an infinitesimal move along which leaves the unit normal g~(x) unchanged. 5 After all a look at the possible types of non-convex preference relations shows that the following phenomena may cause non-differentiability of a demand relation 41 1. non-convexity which destroys even uniqueness 2. vanishing Gaussian curvature of indifference hypersurfaces at points where the preference relation is locally strictly convex.

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