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By Gary Gygax

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An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, distinctive skills, descriptiosn and random come across tables.

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The toughest activity for any DM is writing and getting ready for an evening's event and laying out the occasions that would form his or her international. event Compilation #I and #2 are collections of the easiest of the easiest - the journey hold modules. inside those pages, AEG has compiled, up to date and multiplied the unique adventures using the revised three. five d20 principles with new maps, new textual content, and new plot hooks, together with rewritten and accelerated sections supply extra balanced encounters and deeper demanding situations. Even empty rooms were stuffed to make a DM's existence more uncomplicated! all of the whereas, those books supply a campaign's worthy of excessive event to gamers of all adventure degrees. Written for the revised three. five d20 ideas. Many new and better maps. 288 pages. ideal sure event #I hyperlinks 24 of the easiest unique AEG Adventures retains jointly into one tremendous plot thread, permitting desktops to improve from the first to the thirteenth point. This e-book is a must-have for DMs wanting to convey the nuance of low-leveling gaming again the place it belongs. Many new and more suitable maps.

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Dao can turnrocktomud3timesper dayand usedigasoftenas6timesperday. Dao perform at the 18th level of spell use. _.. MAGIC RESISTANCE: See below . ,. P. VALUE: lX/5950 + 16/hp ;;::- -'%' It is possible for a dao to carry 5000 gp weight without tiring. Double weight will cause tiring in 3 turns, but for every 1000 gps of weight under 10,000 add 1 turn to the duration of carrying ability. Aftertiring, a dao must rest for 6 turns. Note that dao can move through earth (not worked stone) as if at a burrowing speed of 6".

Shator are 6-feet tall, squat, and broad. Their humanoid form appears draped in shaggy skins. The huge heads are mostly mouth with jaws resembling those of a giant bulldog. Their effective strength is 21, and their weight is around 560 pounds. Shators are the ruling nobility of Tarterus. A kelubar can employ atthe 13th level the following spell-like powers, 1 at a time, 1 per round, at will: detect good, detect invisibility, detect magic, dispelmagic (3 times per day), ESP, fascinate, fog cloud(3 times per day), gaseous form.

At-the touch, the skull rises into the air. A demilich can sense which member of a party is the most powerful, and it will usually select a member of the magic-user class over a member of the fighter class, a fighter over a cleric, a cleric over a thief. The skull will then give off a howling sound equal to a death ray for a 20-foot radius. All creatures within the radius of effect of this howl must save vs. ad. The manifold planes of abysmal Tarterus are the only home of the winged, tripartite race of demodands.

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