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It , ically, should be remembered, however, that whether a statement is couched in geometric or algebraic terms, it is always a statement concerning numbers when one has in mind the point of view of pure analysis.! It may be recalled that arithmetic begins with the integers, including 0, and with addition and multiplication. That second, the rational numbers of the form p/q are introduced with the operation of division and the negative rational numbers with the operation of subtraction. Finally, the irrational numbers are introduced by various processes.

Cises. less integrable by some substitution which the form of the integrand will suggest. number of integrands, have been constructed by using various methods of integration. B. 0. Peirce's " Short Table of Integrals " may be cited. If the particular integrand which is desired does not occur in the Table, it may be possible to devise some substitution which will reduce it to a tabulated form. In the Table are also given a large number of reduction formulas (for the most part deduced by means of integration by parts) Tables of integrals, giving the integrals of a large which accomplish the successive simplification of integrands which could perhaps be treated by other methods, but only with an excessive amount of labor.

Iw hut. h 11 n lose *>i frrmtittr is is to say, both the case a is ; ; DEFINITION OF A LIMIT. If x 20. sive values stant I x-j, x2 , x i} , x,-, is a variable which takes on the variable , x is succes- said to approach the con- as a limit if the numerical difference betiveen x and for all succeeding values of x remains, and I ultimately becomes, than any preassigned number no matter how small. The numerical difference between x and I ' less is denoted by a: l\ | x or = + I l"'l"l ' ' '"^," or \l l\ x\ and is called the absolute value of the fact of the approach to a limit may be stated as [a; The difference.

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