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By James S. Coan

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000 12-00 12. 30 )2. 12 12 *12 I 235. 123LJ *123LJ *1234 o. 0 THE NUMBER IS I 23LJ. OJ ·010 0 0 Note that where several dollar signs appear only one of them gets printed. The one that is printed is as far right as possible in a space that has a dollar sign in the image. When there is not room to the right of the decimal point in the image to print all of the digits, the excess is dropped. No rounding off is done. Where there is not room to the left, all digits get printed anyway, and an asterisk is printed to call attention to the fact that the number did not fit the image.

For any data processing that requires tabulating information from each line of data, the sequential nature of ASCII files is ideal. Furthermore, ASCII files are very easy to edit from the keyboard, as described earlier. Having seen how to read an ASCII file, we will next see how to write to such a file with a program. Let's write a program to transfer the data from file CITY to file CITY1, rearranging the data so that the order in which the cities appear in the new file will be according to decreasing percentage growth.

TIJE DAY # 3 Then we could step through the string with 140 F$R I = 1 T$ 19 S'I'EP 3 comparing some test string with A$(1,1+2) to see if the test string matches those three characters of A$. 38 Advanced BASIC We can even test parts of two strings. We could test the first three characters of D$ successively against groups of three characters in A$ looking for a match by changing line 160 to 160 IF D$(1,3) <> A$(1,1+2) THEN 190 This is left for the reader to try. It should be clear that by the use of strings we can control what is printed in every space of the paper on our terminal.

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