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This glorious undergraduate calculus textual content bargains scholars an strange viewpoint on techniques of integration in Euclidean areas and their dating to different mathematical components. topics comprise units and buildings, restrict and continuity in En, degree and integration, differentiable mappings, sequences and sequence, functions of unsuitable integrals, and extra. Preface. difficulties. information and strategies for chosen Problems.

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5 i . 4 . 8 . (E. Halley, 1694) Show that t h e iteration formula 2f{Xn)f{Xn) L2{/'(x„)F-/(x„)f'(x„)J has cubic convergence t o a simple zero of / ( x ) . W h a t is its behavior in the neighborhood of a double zero of / ( x ) ? 9. Find t h e two least positive roots of t h e equation tan χ = x. Find a n approximation t o t h e root near ( n + | ) 7 r in t h e form x = inH)^-a{inH)7rr'-b{{nHUr^-c{{nH)^r' .... 10. Illustrate t h e Fourier-Henrici proof of N e w t o n ' s M e t h o d in t h e cases of /(x) = l - 2 x ^ with α = - 1 , b = - 0 .

N- 2 j =-NE~, showing that convergence is quadratic. Consider next the sequence defined by (3) We begin by drawing a graph of y =x[3(l-Nx)+(Nxf] in the case N =~. We take Xo = 1 and find XI =~, X 2 = ~~~, ... We can write the recurrence relation in the form (4) If 0 < x,. < N- 1 then x,. - N- 1 is negative and so is its cube and so is x,. >O. 36 Chapter 3 y-x y Wlf-----::;;;;;o-r-+-~----I Xl N-l X Fig. 3. Cubic convergence to lIN. Thus if o

We note that we can easily estimate the rate of convergence. I:5(on-1 + + O')lx 1 - xol + on-,-I)lxI - xol = 0'(1 + :s 0' . _1_. h(1- 0) 1-0 no matter what n is = hO'. Let n - and we get Ix,. - x*l:s M'. (11) 4. 00 ORIGIN OF TIlE RECURRENCE RELATIONS The Newton process for solving an equation f(x) by choosing a first approximation according to Xo =0 to the root sought and improving it (12) is one of the fundamental algorithms in numerical mathematics and will be discussed in Chapter 4. Here we indicate how some of the relations discussed above appear as special cases of (12) if f is chosen appropriately.

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