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This selection of John Nunn's video games includes valuable suggestion on calculation and good judgment which may still spill over into the reader's personal video games. John Nunn is a Grandmaster and writer of a number of books on chess. Pter Griffiths is an skilled chess instructor and the writer of "Exploring the Endgame".

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D5!? also deserved attention. Kc1 d5, Black has a strong initiative. 18…d5! The b7-bishop aims at the e4-pawn. It is time to get into action. e5!? Bravo, Judit! This e5-pawn sacrifice is aimed at blocking the center. Viorel Bologan (one of the apologists of this system on the white side) has played this way in his recent games. Kasparov: Correct: otherwise White is slightly worse. f4 Here we go. The b7-bishop is having a tedious time, whereas the e5-square is under White’s control. It is time to launch an attack on the black king.

Karpov does not allow Black to consolidate his position. Had the black rook taken up the f5-square, White would have been in trouble. 1/2-1/2 A fighting draw. Kasparov did his best. He build up some pressure and posed problems to his opponent, but did not manage to extract his predecessor on the champion’s throne from a drawing shell. Anatoly Yevgenievich is a very solid player after all. Be3. Ng4 line. Qb6! This move has become very popular lately. Black dislodges the white knight from the center.

Qc2 This move looks somewhat provoking. The white queen might find herself under the c8rook’s attack. The b6-pawn is eager to advance. Nfd7 No way! Judit is playing explicitly solidly. Black is threatening with exchanging the dark-squared bishops on g5-square. b5? Nc4 the d1-rook is very well placed. f3 A little burrow for the bishop. Bf2 f5! Right! Black is initiating play on the wing where she feels stronger. Kh1 Qf6 I am under the impression that Black’s strategy is fruitful. Her position looks slightly better.

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